Its time to be a buddhist monk 2019usa

Its time to be a buddhist monk 2019usa

A path to purify our own life and others, not only mindful living style, but also deeper learning, to cultivate our mind and body. Learning how to find true nature, learning how to be compassion to the world. Come and connect with new friends, to find out the way of future.

You would live, learn, and practice as a Buddhist monk.

(Temporary Buddhist ordination is seen as a way to acquire and transmit merit.)


What the Buddha taught was not to raise the productivity, but how to live happily and free, live brightly and beautiful, live in full wisdom and mercy, with existing conditions, to let our life valuable and meaningful.

—Shi Dayuan



There are several paths leading to a better life and enlightenment.
Join the Sangha will be very helpful, better than practice alone.

The significance of Sangha:

After understanding the ultimate destination of Buddhism, if you take it as your way to cultivate your heart or develop spiritual practice,such a venture needs a wise teacher and a strong monastic community. This mentor will observe you and give you exact, accurate teaching at your stage and help you to enter a higher level, throughout your whole life. The monastic community will encourage and support you, as you transform your suffering and grow compassion. Self-pofit and altruism are both things you will learn and put into application.

Lay member of the community:

As a layperson, certain achievements can also be attained by learning from the mentor, unremitting practice, and serving all beings with compassion.

There is a wonderful Chance to get the idea of Buddhist monastic life:
1.Living under the guide of a qualified Chinese monks.
(Chinese Chan Buddhism school)
2.Morning and evening chanting, regular Meditation, Buddhism courses, vegetarian food, precepts,service, communication,etc.

About us 关于我们


Originally Bodhi has no tree, 菩提本无树

The bright mirror has no stand,明镜亦非台

Originally there is not a single thing,本来无一物

Where can dust alight? 何处惹尘埃

——Liuzu Huineng 六祖惠能

Liuzu means the Sixth Patriarch or Sixth Ancestor of Chan(Chinese Chan Buddhism), and his name was Huineng. Huineng is regarded as the founder of the “Sudden Enlightenment” Southern Chan school of Buddhism, which focuses on an immediate and direct attainment of Buddhist enlightenment.

Sixth Patriarch Temple (Liuzu Temple) in China is famous for its transmission of Chan Buddhism school and retreat centers.The abbot, Master Shi Dayuan, is a very compassionate and wise Buddhist monk. He is the 10th generation Dharma heir of the Weiyang Sect, the 25th generation Dharma heir of the Caodong Sect and 53th generation Dharma heir of the Tang Lineage Consecrated Practices of Medicine Dharma Door. With abundant knowledge on Buddhism, he teaches people with a very vivid Chan method.

Distinguishing feature
1.Master Shi Dayuan has studied complete theory of Chinese Buddhism, and has put them into practice in depth. His examples and exceeding skillful teachings have inspired many individuals.
2.Master Shi Dayuan has designed a distinct sequential system of learning and practicing Buddhism which are widely suitable for many different people.
3.We have systematic and complete approach of different Chan Schools including Patriarch Chan, Tathagata Chan, and Esoteric Chan.
Neiguan Chan (Contemplations-Meditation) and Acupuncture and Moxibustion Promoted Meditation (AMPM) are suitable for most people to practice.
4.Transmission of pure Medicine Buddha Dharma door from Tang Dynasty and effective methods for practicing of miraculous Dharma door will be taught directly by qualified monastic.
5.Whether you want to be a Buddhist monk, dedicate yourself to pursue the uncover of the Buddha nature for the whole life, and serve all living beings, or be a lay person and have family and children, practice home, and serve the community or society, you can find a better way after learning the teaching of Master Shi Dayuan.


Program Duration: 时间
23th, November- 1rd, December, 2019
Online registration will open from now to 15th, November.


Program Location: 地点
(1550 Tindall Ranch Road, Watsonville, CA 95076)
It is a peaceful place located in the Santa Cruz Mountains. There are views of the ocean, mountains, and a beautiful sunset at the end of the day.

Cost: 费用

It’s free , if you want to offer things to monks, you can bring vegetables and fruits or vegetarian food. It’s the way of Dāna.


Accomodation: 住宿

Single room or double room, with bathroom inside or outside.


Food: 食物

We offer vegetarian food. Meat and fish products are strictly prohibited. We can’t adjust food individually, so please note that wheat and other gluten-based products and peanuts may be in the diet.


Clothing: 衣服

Please bring clothes, but appropriate and modest. We will, however, offer monastic clothes.Please bring clothes for meditation that is comfortable for sitting cross-legged. Tight and short skirts are not allowed.


Precepts :戒律

Men will take the Shramanera Precepts during the 7days, and be asked to tonsured;

women will take the eight precepts and be asked to keep short hair, no longer than the ear.


Applicants  申请者

  1. The temporary ordination Program is open to men and women of all faiths, in good physical and psychological health, who are 18 years or older, but under 50.
  2. Applicants should provide their name, address and phone number with their initial inquiry. (info of emergent contact person is needed too)
  3. Applicants need to provide 2 letters:

(1)Statement of Purpose: Explain your qualifications and motivation for participation in the program.

(2)A short recommendation email from your advisor, professor, employer, colleague, or a friend will also benefit your chances of admission.

  1. Anexperienced monastic will call you to have an interview if your application has been first approved, to evaluate if you are ready to this program.
  2. Please send your resume, motivation letter and recommendation letter, and registration form to contact email.

Contact Email:

Contact person: Bhikkhu Chanle



For more information on this program and any questions or concerns not covered in our FAQ, please contact us at


Meet Marin: 

Marin was born in U.S.A, and she is studying PhD courses of Religion at The Chinese University of Hong Kong. This summer, she came to Liuzu temple, China to take part in Bodhi Plan 2019, and she decided to join the temporary Buddhist ordination for one month. Let’s have a look at her experience ^-^


Would you let the flower of prajna (wisdom) and compassion bloom within your heart and give all living beings the fragrance? We are waiting for you!


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